The dog is the man’s best friend. I do not think any of us have any doubts about it. Anyone who at a certain stage in their life decided on a pet, knows perfectly well how quickly he can become a full member of the family. 

Some dogs join our “herd” by accident, casually, and others are the result of a conscious, thoughtful choice. Before we decide to buy a dog of a given breed, it is worth to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. This will help us find the perfect friend for us and our loved ones. 

Today, we will share with you some interesting facts about the great breed of the Bernese Mountain Dog, or colloquially the “Bernese Mountain”. It turns out that the Bernese Mountain Dog – due to its impressive appearance, good health and balanced character – is becoming increasingly popular in our country from year to year. 

  1. Bernese Mountain Dog is a descendant of old rural dogs living in the picturesque Alpine valleys of Switzerland. Officially, the race began to be registered around 1900. Formerly, these dogs were responsible for guarding houses, farmsteads, for helping in transport, and helping to drive cattle. 
  2. The average life expectancy of the Bernese Mountain Dog is about 10-12 years. It is therefore a bit shorter than in many breeds. 
  3. One of the worst things that can happen to the Bernese is boredom. Being a descendant of dogs that worked hard on farms, this dog has a job in the genes. You should try to find him a class – for example, watching or any tracking job (even during a walk). This will keep your dog entertained, enable development and contribute to his well-being. The dog will gladly bring us slippers, a newspaper, and even – if we will teach it – it will carry our shopping. All you need is a little inventiveness and training from the owner. dog
  4. These dogs are perfect as home and bypass guardians. If something wrong or unexpected happens, they report it with a barking. They are distrustful of strangers, which works well when they look after the house. Although they are not aggressive, they are able to keep strangers at a distance, and even if – with the owner’s permission – they get home, they will still be under the watchful eye of a dog. 
  5. Because Bernese Mountain Dogs are excellent watchdogs and are characterized by fidelity to the owner, they may begin to show a lack of trust in the environment over time. Therefore, it is worth taking care of them socializing with other dogs and for proper training, so that the tendency to protect does not become streaked with aggression. 
  6. Bernese Mountain Dogs are excellent for children. They have a lot of patience; gentleness and they like to have fun. If they are bored or have no desire for more frolics, they simply get out of the child’s view without showing dissatisfaction. They are perfect companions to play, especially in the winter, when they can pull sleds with the youngest. 
  7. The warm climate does not serve Bernese people. Its very construction and fur indicates its perfect adaptation to the cool climate. So if you are going on a holiday in a tropical place, it is best to leave the dog under the care of someone close to you. In the summer months, also take care of good ventilation and ensure your dog has the opportunity to cool down. dog
  8. The disadvantage of this breed are joint diseases. One of the most common dog in the Bernese Mountain Dog is dysplasia of the joints. Because it is a hereditary disease, at the time of purchase it is worth determining whether the parents or grandparents of our future pet did not suffer from this condition. We have the right to require breeding owners to know about the health of the ancestors of the dog we are planning to buy. 
  9. Bernese Mountain Dogs do not like running. They are not made to run and absolutely not allowed to force them to do so. If the dog wants to run, of course it should be allowed, but it should be an initiative of a dog, not ours. The morning jog with the Bernese is out of the question, and certainly it is forbidden to make him run around us when we are cycling. 
  10. The Bernese cannot be left alone for a long time because it is a “gregarious” and sociable dog. Ignoring him can seriously harm him.